Mario, Yoshi, other Nintendo characters now flooding Windows app store

Tero Kuittinen
Mario, Yoshi, other Nintendo characters now flooding Windows app store

The Windows 8 app market has struggled to gain any real traction, dwarfed by the gigantic iOS and Android app stores. But it does seem to have a secret edge over the larger app markets: a total lack of IP protection! Right now, some of the hottest new apps on Windows are called Mario Jump, Yoshijump and Pokemon Attack. And yes, they do use the popular Nintendo characters from the games we all know and love. The apps seem very odd — the Mario game seems to be combining a photorealistic sky backdrop with 1980s style platforms. Bowser Town Defense features an equally weird graphical style.

How is it possible that some fly-by-night operations can flood the Windows market with games blatantly ripping off Nintendo’s protected intellectual property? Aren’t there even the most basic protections in place to prevent this from happening with some of the most familiar characters in the gaming history?

We have contacted Nintendo for comment and look forward to hearing its views on the matter.

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