Mariah Brown Says She Became Homophobic Due To Confused Feelings About Being Gay

Kody Brown with his wives
Kody Brown with his wives

Just this week on a new episode of Sister Wives, Mariah Brown revealed that she is gay. Nobody knew about this, not even her mom, Meri Brown. Now, the star of Sister Wives is speaking out and sharing that it took her a bit to come to terms with the fact that she was gay. People spoke with Mariah and shared the details about what she had to say. Mariah grew up as a devout fundamentalist Mormon in a polygamous family, and being gay is not something they believe in.

Mariah said that the fear of being gay was actually hard on her.

She explained, “It was something I was so scared of in myself. If you were to ask me my biggest fear, it would have been to be gay.”

Mariah Brown remembers that when she was little and growing up in church, they were taught that being gay was wrong.

She said, “I remember being in church, and they talked about how being gay was bad. But none of that came from my parents. It was from church and the people I was around. One bishop told me gay people were selfish.”