Marcus Hiles - Reveals Plans to Expand Rental Offerings in San Antonio

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2016 / Renown Texas real estate expert and Founder of Western Rim Property Services, Marcus Hiles has spent the last three decades building and cultivating successful properties around the largest urban hubs in the state. San Antonio is home to some of these communities, and now Hiles is set to expand his rental offerings in the area by building the highest end apartments the city has ever seen. While the future sites have been fully acquired, their exact locations are to be revealed at a later date. The upcoming apartments will retain all of the trademark characteristics that Western Rim properties are known for, while still offering affordable prices, an emphasis on energy efficiency, and strategic layouts that provide both open space and modern flair.

More and more Americans each year are opting to rent instead of buying a home, with growth patterns likely to continue through 2020 and beyond, according to Forbes contributor KC Sanjay. This has created a growing demand for upscale rentals that can satisfy the varied preferences and tastes of the modern tenant. Marcus Hiles has been addressing these demands since Western Rim's inception in 1990, consistently implementing innovative properties throughout Texas that offer renters a wide range of luxurious amenities and intelligent features. Hiles' new San Antonio apartments will continue his unique vision of building thriving communities that ensure a high standard of living and sustainability, seamlessly incorporating aspects such as access to fitness centers and walking trails with trend-setting kitchen designs and open floor plans. Ten-foot ceilings, towering eight-foot doors, oversized balconies, and an Olympic-length pool are just a few of the features that will make these future rental options superior in every respect to existing apartments in the area. A planned 15 acre on-site park and conservation easement are in line with Marcus Hiles’ longtime commitment to environmentally-friendly building strategies and open nature spaces.

San Antonio is expanding at a record pace, adding over 8,000 new jobs and $1.1 billion worth of revenue in 2015 alone. The San Antonio Economic Development Foundation fully expects this to sustain for several years, as manufacturing, healthcare, and information technology sectors are all projected to continue flourishing. Such positive and upward-trending growth has created an increased need for more rental options in the area, a need that Marcus Hiles is eager to meet. The forthcoming apartments will be established in low-density, fast-growing areas of the city, making them ideal for both new and longtime residents who are in the market for an exceptional rental choice.

Marcus Hiles is Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, a real estate development company managing high-end residential units all throughout the largest urban areas in Texas, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and New Braunfels. Hiles has single-handedly changed the landscape of the Lone Star State with the creation of affordable luxury properties, each offering a unique home experience that combines the best traits of both city and suburban living. A prolific philanthropist and son of an inner-city minister, Marcus Hiles provides significant financial contributions and land donations to the betterment and growth of Texas public parks, lakes and streams, while also supporting programs that help the disadvantaged.

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