Marathon Cancelled? Fox News Thinks So

Alexander Abad-Santos
November 2, 2012

Hmmmm. Fox News Business is claiming they have a Wall Street source telling them that the New York City Marathon has been cancelled. Here's what Charles Gasparino, a senior correspondant there, tweeted just a few minutes ago: 

Wall street execs say nyc marathon CANCELLED more on fbn@322

— Charles Gasparino (@CGasparino) November 2, 2012

It appears he's citing Wall Streeters who may possibly be connected to ING, the sponsor of the race. Maybe those people at those companies don't want to be a featured part of the marathon considering its unpopularity at the moment. But you have to take Gasparino's comments with a grain of salt: Even though there's been plenty of backlash, it was only this afternoon New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was defending his unpopular decision to give the race the go-ahead. "We have to have a city going forward ... New York has to show that we are here, that we are going to recover," Bloomberg was quoted as saying in a New York Times report a little over an hour ago. We'll update if there's solid proof that that plan is going to change.