MapFactor review

Using OpenStreetMaps data, MapFactor offers accurate turn-by-turn GPS navigation for most countries and allows you to download maps to your device or SD card for offline use. Apart from not requiring a continuous Internet connection, this app also impresses with its wealth of options and settings.


The most feature-rich free navigation app for Android we've seen: MapFactor puts at your fingertips a ridiculous amount of tools and options, including an accessible route calculator, simulator, and recorder (you can replay on the map completed routes), a configurable toolbar in the map window on which you can add indicators such as speed, linear distance, and time to destination/waypoint/maneuver, a potent search tool with Google support and ability to search by point of interest and coordinates, and accurate alerts and warnings for bad roads or speed cameras.

Works offline: You can download via Wi-Fi free maps weighing anywhere from <1MB for the tiny state of Barbados to 500MB for Canada and use them offline, enjoying an experience comparable to that provided by Google Maps, but without the data charges and connectivity issues. Also, you can download premium TomTom Maps for most countries through the Map Manager's built-in store.

Effective route setup: The Route Setup option in the Route Info tab enables you not only to quickly change your active profile (Car, Pedestrian, Bus, Truck, Bicycle), but also select the fastest, shortest, or cheapest route and, even more impressively, turn on and off road restrictions and configure them to the smallest detail, with sliders for maximum urban & extra-urban speeds.


High-battery use: The app's need for GPS and its resource-hungry graphics drain the battery, so much so that during a long drive there's a chance you will run out of battery before reaching your destination.

So feature-rich and customizable as to be almost overwhelming: While the neat, well-organized interface with an intuitive main screen that breaks the app's main functions into six big buttons is relatively easy to use, the overabundance of features and configurables means you have to do quite a bit of tapping before you can get the most out of this app.

Bottom Line

MapFactor stands out as the most powerful and comprehensive free GPS navigation app you'll find on Google Play right now, one capable of rivaling paid apps in terms of features, customization, and accuracy. What's more, its integration with premium TomTom maps makes it quite irresistible. If you need a complete navigation solution that works offline as well, this app is a great choice.

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