How Many People Got Shot at Gun Appreciation Day Rallies?

Connor Simpson

You would think a national "Gun Appreciation Day" would go off without a hitch and no one would get shot, right? Wrong. 

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There were three different shootings at different rallies that took place all across the country today. Organizers were trying to get people out to show their support for the second amendment in the face of the President's new gun control initiatives. 

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In Raleigh, North Carolina a 12-gauge shotgun went off while the owner was unzipping it from its case to show a security officer at a safety checkpoint. Two people were injured, but there injuries are not life-threatening, WTVD TV reports. Tally: two people shot.

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In Indianapolis, Indiana a man was walking back to his car after attending a Gun Appreciation Day rally and loading his semi-automatic pistol when he shot himself in the hand, WISH TV reports. Tally: three people shot. 

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In Medina, Ohio the details are a bit sketchier. We only know that a vendor at one of the rally booths was handling a loaded gun when he accidentally shot himself, according to ABC 5. The extent of his injuries are currently unknown. Final tally: four people were shot during Gun Appreciation Day. 

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Rallies in locales like West Virginia and Florida went off without a hitch. Great job, guys.