If Manti Te'o Is So Gullible, How Is He Passing Classes at Notre Dame?

David Wagner
The Atlantic Wire

Manti Te'o continues to maintain that he was duped into believing his fake girlfriend was real all along. But one commenter wants to know—if he's so easily fooled, how could he possibly be passing college-level courses? Johnny Utah writes

Assuming Te'o really is the victim here and didn't have a clue who was the other person on the end of the phone/keyboard, shouldn't this be leading to an investigation about grading at Notre Dame? I mean, if someone is going to fall for this "relationship" for as long as he did, how is one able to maintain academic eligibility?

Granted, Te'o only has to maintain a 2.0 GPA according to NCAA guidelines, and Notre Dame isn't exactly as academically demanding as, say, MIT. But still, one has to wonder weather he's really earning passing marks—or if professors have greased the wheels for this star athlete. Apparently he averages a 3.3 GPA.