Mankato man accused of stalking woman

May 22—MANKATO — A Mankato man is accused of using "spoof" phone numbers to stalk a woman who had a restraining order against him.

Brandon Robert Walters, 47, was charged with two felonies for stalking and violent threats and a misdemeanor for harassment Monday in Blue Earth County District Court.

A criminal complaint alleges Walters sent numerous messages including threats and sexual images to her from different phone numbers, as well as his own number in May. At one point she said she changed phones because the messages were so frequent, but he proceeded to email her.

On May 17, she told police he contacted a friend of hers to threaten her and her boyfriend, according to the complaint.

A few days earlier on May 14, the woman reported he emailed her sexually explicit photos and threatened to release them online. One message indicated he was watching her residence, as he wrote he knew the boyfriend was there and she should "send him outside."

On May 16, he reportedly sent more sexually explicit images to her and stated, "I am outside now," and telling her she had a "cute outfit."

Police arrested Walters on Friday. He allegedly admitted to using spoof phone numbers on one occasion and trying to send a message to the woman through her friend.

He denied sending sexually explicit images to the woman, according to the complaint.

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