'Manhunt's' true story and 'Don't Exclude Me': The 5 best things on TV on Thursday, 30 September

Embargoed picture: For publication from Tuesday 21st September 2021

From Optomen Television 

Thursday 30th September 2021 on ITV 

Pictured: Susanna Reid
Susanna Reid is on the case of the Night Stalker. (Optomen TV/ITV)
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Documentaries are the highlights of Thursday's TV schedules, with child behaviour expert Marie Gentles showing her incredible skills in calming primary children for BBC Two's Don't Exclude Me.

Those who watched last week's Martin Clunes drama Manhunt will be fascinated by Susanna Reid's look at the real-life case in ITV's The Real Manhunt: The Night Stalker.

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Absorbing series Ambulance launches again tonight on BBC One with paramedics battling against the second wave of COVID on top of their many other pressured duties.

Elsewhere, the final Married At First Sight UK couples make their choice of whether to stay together, while All Creatures Great and Small sees the late Dame Diana Rigg's Mrs Pumphrey recast with Patricia Hodge in the role.

The best TV to watch on Thursday, 30 September, 2021

Don't Exclude Me - BBC Two - 9pm

Programme Name: Don’t Exclude Me - TX: n/a - Episode:  Don’t Exclude Me - Ep2 (No. 2) - Picture Shows: Marie  - (C) BBC - Photographer: Peter Coventry
Marie Gentles tackles behaviour in primary schools. (BBC/Peter Coventry)

This two-part documentary introduces the enormously patient and talented Marie Gentles, a behaviour expert determined to help bring down the soaring rates of children being permanently excluded from school.

She visits a primary in Southend to work with a six-year-old and eight-year-old in danger of being excluded over aggressive behaviour and uses her skills to change their future path by keeping them in school.

Her calming presence works magic on the children she meets and is a fascinating insight on dealing with child behaviour.

The Real Manhunt: The Night Stalker - ITV - 9pm

Embargoed picture: For publication from Tuesday 21st September 2021
From Optomen Television 

Thursday 30th September 2021 on ITV 

Pictured: (l-r) Susanna Reid with Former Police Senior Investigating Officer Colin Sutton
Susanna Reid meets Colin Sutton. (Optomen TV/ITV)

If you were gripped by last week's Manhunt, the Martin Clunes dramatisation of the search for the infamous Night Stalker, you won't want to miss this documentary.

Susanna Reid interviews detectives and officers who worked on the 17-year case, including Colin Sutton who Clunes played in the series.

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The programme gives viewers a more in-depth look at the infamous case of a rapist and burglar targeting elderly victims in South London that had police baffled for years.

Married At First Sight UK - E4 - 9pm

Married at first sight Luke and Morag
Will Luke and Morag stay together? (Channel 4)

The drama-filled reality show is rumbling to a close as the final couples make their decisions about whether to stay married tonight.

While Matt and Dan's choice was predictable, we're still reeling from Marilyse's decision about Franky, and Amy and Josh were left on a cliffhanger.

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Up tonight are another predictable couple - Tayah and Adam - and the volatile Morag and Luke, with no one quite sure which direction they will go in.

Ambulance - BBC One - 9pm

Programme Name: Ambulance S8 - TX: 30/09/2021 - Episode: Ambulance S8 - ep 1 (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Nutan & Lisa  - (C) Dragonfly Film and Television Ltd - Photographer: Ryan McNamara
The 'Ambulance' crew are back for a new series. (Dragonfly Film and Television Ltd/Ryan McNamara)

A new series of the documentary following the North West Ambulance Service begins tonight against the backdrop of a second wave of COVID sweeping the area.

But outside of the pandemic, the pressured service still has to respond to every type of call, from car accidents to mental health crises, while reassuring their patients.

All Creatures Great and Small - Channel 5 - 9pm

Patricia Hodge takes up the role of Mrs Pumphrey. (Channel 5)

The usually comfortingly uncontroversial All Creatures Great and Small has a tricky situation to deal with in tonight's episode as Mrs Pumphrey is recast following the death of Dame Diana Rigg last year.

However, Patricia Hodge steps into the role with ease and looks right at home in the Dales alongside James and co.

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Elsewhere, expect more cosy drama, beautiful views and an animal-heavy cast in this popular reboot of the James Herriot stories.

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