Man beats two forms of cancer, will take second honeymoon to celebrate

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News
Yahoo News
Man beats two forms of cancer, will take second honeymoon to celebrate

Let's hear it for the power of positive thinking.

Depite finding out he had terminal cancer, Kris Shook booked a second honeymoon with his new wife and scheduled it months down the road. There was a chance they'd never get to take it, but he made the plans anyway.

But several months after the Tacoma, Wash., man booked the trip, he received some amazing news: His cancer was gone.

Seattle's spoke to Kris and Heather Shook about their incredible journey. "I just stuck by hope the entire time," Kris told the station.

The two married in July 2013, when Kris was undergoing chemotherapy for two types of cancer. They took a quick one-day honeymoon, but Kris had to return for more cancer treatment. In September, Kris told the TV station, his doctors became concerned his cancer was spreading.


"I was so convinced I would beat it that I was completely defeated," said Kris. "I think I was more defeated than when I was first told I had cancer."

The couple kept on fighting. Then, in December, they heard the news that the treatment had worked and the cancer had gone.

Kris will still have to undergo treatment and checkups. But he and Heather are looking forward to a sunny second honeymoon later this month, in Florida.

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