Man Who Went Missing 16 Years Ago Is Found Alive In Milton Keynes

A man who went missing 16 years ago has been found alive in a homeless shelter in Milton Keynes.

Family and friends of Jason Ronald Douglas, 36, are now raising funds to try and bring him home to Australia.

His sister, Lisa Andrews, has started a gofundme page to raise the money to get Jason a passport - and get him home.

She says, ‘Jason has been missing for 16 very frustratingly long years. Jason is a australian born aboriginal. He is currently living in the uk in a homeless shelter. He has been homeless for a very long time.

‘This is why it has taken so long to find him. He thought we all gave up on him. He thought no one cared.

‘He is very desperate to get home to his mother and sister back here in Australia.

‘It is very costly as we need birth certificate, passport then flights plus to try and support him and keep him off the streets until we can get everything organised to get him home.’

Jason has not been in touch with his family for 16 years - and disappeared age 21 whilst living in Milton Keynes.

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