Man Shaken After He's Viciously Stabbed Over Haircut Similar to Neo-Nazis

The fallout from the chaotic white supremacist rally in Charlottesville earlier this month has left a 26-year-old man bloodied and shaken because of his haircut.

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Joshua Witt of Sheridan, Colo., keeps his hair close-cropped at the sides, a style that to many, looks like the type of coiffure sported by many white nationalists.

Witt says he was getting out of his car last week when out of nowhere, a man yelled, "Are you a neo-Nazi?" and stabbed him.

Witt told Inside Edition he has absolutely no affiliation with any white nationalist or neo-Nazi group.

Inside Edition went to Made Man Barbershop in New York City where Witt’s cut, known as the “high and tight,” which features long hair on top and short on the sides, is the most popular style and has nothing to do with politics.

"Never seen anyone say anything bad about this haircut,” one barber said.

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Several guys, none of whom were neo-Nazis, were getting the “high and tight” while Inside Edition was filming at the shop.

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