Man says water, not gas, came out of Midwest City 7-Eleven pump

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) — A Midwest City man said his wife couldn’t drive more than 500 feet from a 7-Eleven after he said water, not gas, came out of the pump.

“Surprised. I’ve never heard of that before,” said Joshua Bugher.

Bugher’s wife is battling cancer and just finished a round of chemo.

She’s too weak to pump her own gas, so he does it for her.

On Tuesday, he met her at 7-Eleven at 15th and post in Midwest City to fill up her gas tank.

“As soon as she turned out of 7-Eleven, it started putting started spinning,” said Bugher.

The day after their car broke down 7-eleven put ‘out of order’ bags over the gas pumps.

Meanwhile, Bugher had to call ‘AJ Auto’ for help.

“He said, well, your gas tank is full of water,” explained Bugher.

The water was found throughout the fuel system.

“Looking around $1,700 dollars or more in repairs,” he said.

Mechanics had to drain the water, costing Bugher thousands of dollars.

“You’re at the mercy of the gas station,” said Matthew Gazaway, lead technician at AJ Auto.

Bugher’s mechanic, Matthew Gazaway, has ideas on what could have led to the problems at the pump.

“I figured it was maybe the truck driver didn’t check his load, but if they just kept letting cars go out and break down, not turns into negligence on them,” said Gazaway.

On Wednesday, News 4 spotted crews working on the gas pumps.

“There was probably four or five other customers having the same issue and they couldn’t get a hold of manager,” explained Bugher.

When News 4 got ahold of the manager, we were told to contact their corporate offices.

In the meantime, Bugher and his wife have filed a complaint with 7-Eleven.

“I’d like to see 7-eleven pay for their mistakes,” said Bugher.

He’s hoping an already trying time financially, won’t get any worse.

“This is a hard time right now with cancer and going through chemo treatments. And she just had a breaking point at that point,” said Bugher.

According to the Corporation Commission investigators found 15 inches of water in the holding tanks.

The corporation commission has to give the green light to turn the pumps back on.

We are still waiting on a response from 7-Eleven corporate office.

If you have experience issues related to the reports of tainted gas call, 1-800-255-0711.

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