Man Live Streams 'Zombie-Like' Behavior as 33 People Overdose on K2

A section of Brooklyn looked like a scene from The Walking Dead when an epidemic of synthetic drug K2 was used in heavy amounts Tuesday.

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Police say 33 people were hospitalized in the mass overdose after using the cheap but powerful drug.

One man, 38-year-old Brian Arthur, was so stunned by the atmosphere around him, he posted footage of people in a zombie-like state on Facebook Live Tuesday morning.

“Walk up the block and you see nothing but people laying around, shaking on the ground," he told Inside Edition. “It was a horrific scene."

He added: "It was something out of a zombie movie. Something you would see on The Walking Dead.”

Arthur said he did not call 911 but admits people acting out after taking K2 is “something I see every day — but never this bad.”

A spokesperson for the NYPD said all of the victims who were hospitalized are in stable condition.

Nury Rodriguez, a local hairstylist in the Bushwick/Bedford-Stuyvesant area where the 33 people were hospitalized, told the New York Times that she sees the “crazy” behavior each morning.

“It’s very scary because you never see something like that,” the 55-year-old said. “They look like they’re going to die. They can’t help themselves.”

The area where the people were hospitalized has been known as "ground zero" according to a police source who told the New York Post. 

The sale of K2, also known as “Spice,” “White Tiger,” and “Dank,” has been outlawed in New York City since October after Mayor Bill de Blasio signed several bills to ban the drug he called “poison.”

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However, some stores in the borough still continue to sell K2 despite receiving summonses from the city for being caught pushing it.

According to the New York City Health Department, the synthetic drug “affects the same area of the brain as marijuana," but "contains chemicals made in laboratories and sprayed onto dry leaves. These chemicals are not derived from the marijuana plant.”

Since 2015, there have been more than 6,000 K2-related emergencies in New York City.

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