Man indicted in fatal shooting of bystander, 64, in Waianae

Feb. 1—What started out as a confrontation about stolen beer between a woman and a store manager ended in the death of an innocent 64-year-old bystander at his nearby home in Waianae, court documents reveal.

The woman's friend, Korey Farinas, was indicted Wednesday by an Oahu grand jury on a charge of second-degree murder in the Jan. 20 death of Andrew Quisquirin, who was struck by a stray bullet.

Farinas also was indicted on first-degree attempted murder, three counts of second-degree attempted murder and seven felony firearms charges that includes possession of a firearm on the highway, for allegedly trying to shoot at three people in another vehicle — C.I., F.L. and L.L.

Farinas is being held without bail. The first-degree attempted murder carries a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

He had been charged Monday by criminal complaint, but was originally arrested Jan. 25 on suspicion of manslaughter rather than second-degree murder in Quisquirin's death, along with the other charges.

The complaint says Farinas "did intentionally or knowingly cause the death of Andrew Quisquirin, thereby committing the offense of murder in the second degree."

Honolulu Prosecutor Steve Alm said: "Mr. Farinas may not have been trying to shoot Mr. Quisquirin, but this was no accident. Mr. Quisquirin wouldn't have been killed if Mr. Farinas hadn't intentionally tried to shoot and kill other people as alleged."

Alm said Hawaii law allows charging a person for a crime even if the victim was not the intended victim, which is commonly known as transferred intent.

Court documents say officers were called at 11:09 p.m. Jan. 20 to the Waianae Longs Drugs store.

Arriving officers heard three pops, which sounded like a rifle.

A person at the Hele gas station, adjacent to Longs, flagged an officer down and reported a man across the street was shot.

At 11:16 p.m., Quisquirin's family member called 911 saying he was found in his driveway, unresponsive in a chair, bleeding from the head. He was pronounced dead a half-hour later.

The Longs manager told police she stopped Aaliyah Smythe-Salcedo for walking out with two cases of Monster beer without paying. When Smythe-Salcedo challenged the manager to fight, Smythe-Salcedo's friend, Makalanimakamae Troxell, intervened.

C.I. happened to be at Longs with his father F.L. and cousin L.L.

A Longs employee said F.L. told a man, Jia Lalawai, who was with Troxell, to "save your night."

They exited the store, and Lalawai began fighting with C.I. and L.L.

The manager said F.L. helped diffuse the situation by getting his son and nephew into his Lexus.

F.L said as they drove off, he heard four or five shots coming from the Toyota Camry behind him.

Smythe-Salcedo, Troxell, Lalawai and Farinas had gotten into the Camry, witnesses said.

On Jan. 23, Troxell's friend, S.N., told police the four came to his house, and Farinas and Lalawai were upset that Troxell was knocked down during a fight between Lalawai and Ilae and his cousin.

S.N. said Farinas told him he might have shot someone, and Lalawai thinks it was a "civilian."

On Jan. 25, police learned Farinas boarded a plane at Hilo International Airport and it had landed at 1:10 p.m. in Honolulu.

They notified Homeland Security Investigations, and an agent found and detained Farinas at the airport.