Man who flies Nazi flag from his car to show he is in ‘total opposition of Black Lives Matter’ claims he was attacked because of it

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Jesus Seineke talking about why he flies the flag: (NBC 7)
Jesus Seineke talking about why he flies the flag: (NBC 7)

A man who flies a Nazi flag on the back of his car to show his opposition to Black Lives Matter protests and gay people, claims he was attacked last month because of it.

Jesus Seineke, who lives in Alpine, San Diego, flies a Nazi flag on the back of his SUV when he drives around his local area.

He told NBC7 that he flies the flag to show he is in “total opposition of Black Lives Matter or supporting anything to do with gays”.

Black Lives Matter protests in opposition to police brutality against African Americans have taken place across the US in the last month, following the death of unarmed black man George Floyd, while in police custody.

Mr Seineke, who is the father to two children, said that on 28 June he was attacked and had his flag damaged when he was parked outside a Rite Aid pharmacy, but was not injured.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the alleged attack as battery and vandalism, and added that they received reports a couple of days before the incident of a man standing on top of a SUV flying a Nazi flag.

Some of Mr Seineke’s neighbours told NBC that they are disgusted by the flag on the back of his car, and he himself admits that he hides it when he is home in order to prevent retaliation.

Jerry Bulinski, who lives in a neighbouring area, told NBC that the flag “just represents the wrong ideals. It’s just a horrible part of history and it shouldn’t be celebrated.”

Another resident, Nycki Koch added: “Sometimes when I see it I think, ‘Oh my God, what is happening here'.”

Last month, Kyndal McVey in Oklahoma was shot multiple times in the back while attempting to remove a Nazi flag from a man’s front garden, after she had been at a party near his house.

When she attempted to take one of the two Nazi flags flying in the front garden of Alexander Feaster’s house, he allegedly shot her four times in the back with a semi-automatic rifle.

She is expected to recover from her injuries, but the authorities confirmed that she could face charges for attempting to take the flag from Mr Feaster’s property.

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Woman shot in the back while trying to remove Nazi flag from garden

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