Man flees alleged animal abuse charges

Nov. 1—Authorities are looking for a Lockport man believed to be on the run from an arrest warrant charging him with felony animal abuse.

According to Rick Salisbury, senior cruelty investigator for Niagara SPCA, Paul Silsby was caught on tape abusing his dog, Karma, after his wife noticed the dog was acting strange.

"She suspected something for a month," Salisbury said. "So she set up a hidden camera."

The video from that camera showed Salisbury flipping Karma by her collar in the air and then strangling her with it while the dog does nothing to defend itself.

Salisbury noted that this was a felony offense and Silsby had also been convicted of animal abuse in 2005.

"He's going to jail," Salisbury said.

But before that he needs to be located.

Salisbury said Silsby found out his wife had called the police, and took off. Silsby receives a monthly deposit from Social Security on Nov. 3 and Salisbury believes he will stay in the area until he can receive that amount.

After that, Salisbury believes Silsby will "skip out of state."

Amy Lewis, executive director of the Niagara SPCA, said that the public should not attempt to engage Silsby, just report his location.

"The public shouldn't intervene because we don't know how he'll react to being confronted," Lewis said.

Silsby may be driving a red 2000 Ford F150 with a large dent on its side, according to a media release.

He may be pulling a trailer with lawn equipment.

"On Oct. 28, Humane Officers for the Niagara SPCA gathered information and obtained an arrest warrant," read the release. "Silsby fled the Prentice Street residence on Friday."

Anyone who knows of Silsby's whereabouts can call their local police department or the SPCA Investigator at 1-7160731-4368 ext. 311.

Karma is now in the custody of the Niagara SPCA.