Man convicted of second-degree murder in shootings

HONOLULU (AP) — A jury has convicted a Wahiawa man of second-degree murder after authorities say he went on a shooting rampage through Honolulu in 2011, killing a mother of 10 and wounding two other people.

Jurors deliberated for about 13 hours over three days before delivering their verdict Thursday in the case of Toby Stangel.

They heard from witnesses including a daughter of the woman who was killed, and the man and woman who were shot and injured. Stangel didn't testify.

Defense attorney John Schum didn't dispute that Stangel committed the shootings but argued his client didn't have the "state of mind" to prove intent.

The early morning shooting spree started at a Honolulu intersection where Tammy Nguyen was shot in the head while in her minivan. The violence continued onto the H-1 freeway to Pearl City, where Stangel was arrested.