The man churning swiss cheese in Algeria

STORY: Location: Tizi Ouzou, Algeria

This man is churning swiss cheese from the Algerian mountains

After 16 years in Switzerland, Rachid Ibersiene brought his expertise home

His small shop is particularly popular among embassies

[Rachid Ibersiene, Cheese shop owner]

“We are doing Swiss 'vacherin', this is 'vacherin'. And here are other products. This is fresh cheese with garlic and herbs. This is cheese made from goat milk, this is mozzarella and these are cheese steaks and low fat (cheese) steaks.”

Ibersiene says the cheese he makes depends on the quality of the milk

“I decided to come back to Algeria because of its potential. Algeria is a country which is very big and has diversity. For instance we are working in the south, and I think that the south is the future of Algeria. We are working a lot with camel milk with internationally renowned researchers to examine the possibility of transmitting immunity from camel milk to nutrition."