Man charged with murder in 3 deaths at Kansas farm

Man charged with murder in 3 deaths at Kansas farm

OTTAWA, Kan. (AP) — A 27-year-old convicted felon has been charged with capital murder, first-degree murder and other charges in the deaths of a woman and two men whose bodies were found at an eastern Kansas farm home, according to a criminal complaint released Friday.

Meanwhile, investigators continued their search for the woman's 18-month-daughter, who also is presumed dead. It was not immediately clear whether Kyle Flack also is being charged in connection to the missing toddler.

The complaint released Friday says Flack is charged with multiple counts of capital murder and first-degree murder. He also faces charges of rape and criminal possession of a firearm.

Flack was arrested earlier this week and was being held on suspicion of first-degree murder in the deaths. He previously served prison time for shooting a former employer in 2005 after being fired, according to court records.

The body of 21-year-old Kaylie Bailey of Olathe was discovered Monday at the Ottawa-area farm where she had gone to drop off her toddler daughter, Lana Leigh Bailey, with a friend, Andrew Stout.

Friends who went to check on Stout, 30, found Bailey's body and called 911. Authorities later found Stout's body as well as that of Steven E. White, 31, who also lived on the farm.

Crews on foot, horseback and all-terrain vehicles resumed their search Friday for 18-month-old Lana Bailey. Franklin County Sheriff Jeffrey Richards has said the girl is presumed dead, but has not released any details.

Franklin County officials waited until they had identified Kaylie Bailey's body before requesting Wednesday afternoon that the Kansas Bureau of Investigation issue an Amber Alert for her missing daughter. The girl's disappearance had been widely reported by that time, and the agency rejected what they called a "delayed" request. The bureau did help disseminate information about Lana to the public, though.

Amber Alerts are issued in Kansas for children who are up to 17 years old or who have a proven mental or physical disability; law enforcement must believe the child is in danger of serious bodily harm or death; or there must be information to disseminate to the general public that could assist the recovery of the victim or apprehension of the suspect.

Richards has said officials didn't think Lana's disappearance qualified for an Amber Alert until Kaylie Bailey's body was identified, noting that the girl was in her mother's care at the time of her disappearance last week.

"Maybe they had an idea of a lead that they felt would pan out," retired FBI special agent Jeff Lanza said. "But normally when you have a missing baby you put something out right away. I'm not sure what was going on behind that."