Man caught on video urinating on ex-wife’s grave ‘almost every morning,’ NJ reports say

A man in New Jersey is accused of habitually urinating on his ex-wife’s grave, according to media reports.

The purported desecration occurred at the Tappan Reformed Church cemetery, a centuries-old burial ground on the border between New Jersey and New York.

Michael Murray told News 12 that the saga began when he repeatedly noticed deli bags full of feces placed near the grave of his mother, Linda Torello, and contacted the police.

Officials took a report of the incident, and Murray later obtained permission to place cameras on the cemetery grounds to try to obtain footage of the act, according to the outlet.

The footage, which was too poor quality to bring to the police, revealed Torello’s ex-husband was the perpetrator, according to the New York Post. Murray later returned and obtained higher quality footage with his phone.

The 68-year-old man visited the cemetery “almost every morning between 6:14 a.m. and 6:18 a.m. with his current wife” and urinated on Torello’s grave, according to the Post.

“I can’t get my wife to go out to dinner but this guy gets his wife to go along with him to desecrate my mom’s remains every morning!” Murphy told the Post.

The man apparently has a long-standing grudge with Torello, according to WABC News. He was married to her for a short period of time more than 40 years ago and left when she became pregnant, insisting that the child was not his, her family told media outlets.

DNA testing proved the man was indeed the child’s father, according to the Post, and Torello remarried later.

Torello, an avid animal lover, died in 2017, according to an online obituary.

A public urination charge was filed against the man by the Orangetown Police Department on Sept. 18, and the investigation is ongoing, according to Orangetown police.

Murray could not be reached for comment.

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