Man Caught On Camera Stealing iPhone From Baby [VIDEO]

Stephanie Haberman

It was like stealing candy from a baby -- if you consider $400 smartphones candy.

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Thieves target iPhone owners. It's a sad fact of life. Robbery is never a good thing, but this particular one might seem more despicable than most. The above security camera footage appears to show a man stealing an iPhone from a 20-month-old baby girl at a store in Ormskirk, England.

According to The Sun, the child's mother, Danielle Hinngian, gave her daughter the iPhone so that she could watch Barney.

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"I thought maybe she had dropped it, I never thought someone would go in her pram and take it off her," Hinnigan told The Sun. The footage shows an older man in glasses casually walk up to the child's stroller, take a quick look around, and then grab the phone.

"He's followed me into that shop; to think he has targeted my daughter is disgusting. Everyone is absolutely disgusted. Her dad was really angry and upset."

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