Man awakens his girlfriend with warning, Florida cops say: ‘We’re going to have a bad day’

Police in Florida staked out at a home on a hunch something was wrong, and it was.

According to an arrest affidavit from the Cape Coral Police Department, 911 operators received a call of a “possible battery” around 6:15 a.m. Feb. 2.

Upon arrival to the residence, an officer attempted to make contact with the caller, knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell “several times,” but there was no answer.

The cop then executed a check of the residence but was unable to determine if anyone was home or still asleep.

“No signs of distress were observed,” said the report, and the officer left.

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A little over an hour later, another emergency call came in from a female saying she was the one who had phoned before and needed help right away.

The officer returned to the home and waited outside to see if anyone went in or out. At approximately 8:15 a.m., he wrote that he observed the garage door open and a woman exit the garage. The cop pulled up to her in his patrol car and told her he was investigating a “possible disturbance.”

The woman said her boyfriend “had been hitting her all night,” and woke her up with a warning: “We are going to have a bad day today.”

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This wasn’t the first violent encounter between the two, the complaint says. The woman also said her boyfriend, later identified as Sean Raynes, attacked her with a mallet, striking her in the center of her head during an argument in their living room a few days earlier on Jan. 31.

The victim reported that her head “began to bleed,” and Raynes told her, “You better stop bleeding, because I’m not taking you to the hospital.” The victim said she then took a shower.

Another Cape Coral officer subsequently arrived to interview the defendant, who stated that he had no idea why police were called because the two hadn’t even argued. He then said his girlfriend “may” have an active protection order against him.

Indeed, after checking with dispatch, the victim did have a court order against Raynes.

The cops were able to see the bloody laceration on the top of the woman’s head from being struck with the mallet, and “fresh bruising” from being struck by the defendant earlier in the day. She also showed the “location of the attack and the blood stains.”

The mallet, along with pictures of injuries and the crime scene, were all submitted into evidence, according to the report.

The victim was provided with domestic violence information and Raynes placed in handcuffs, after being arrested on probable cause. The 36-year-old faces several charges including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, kidnapping/false imprisonment and violation of a restraining order.

He remains in custody, with a court date set for Feb. 20.