Man With 80-Pound Scrotum Is Able to Have Sex Again After Surgery Removes Growth

The man suffered from a condition that caused his scrotum to swell.

TLC’s cornered the market in extreme human stories, not to mention penis-related stories. Yesterday you met Andrew Wardle, born without a penis, subject of TLC’s newest doc following his journey to get a penis. Today we meet Dan Maurer, a Battle Creek, Michigan native who had a years-long condition causing him to have an 80lb scrotum. He has since had surgery. TLC will be documenting his recovery, which includes a reinvigorated sex life, for its new documentary: ‘The Man with the 80lb Groin.’

Maurer,40, who’s been married to his wife Mindy for the past 21 years, first noticed something unusual with his scrotum in his 20s. Doctors repeatedly told him it was just an issue of weight so Maurer shed the pounds, but he still saw his scrotum growing. It wasn’t until he watched Wesley Warren Jr.’s story on TLC’s ‘The Man With The 132 Pound Scrotum’ that he realized he had the same condition called Scrotal lymphedema, which is caused when lymphatic vessels are blocked leading tissue to build outside of the testicles, causing it to swell. Scrotal lymphedema would cause Maurer’s scrotum to grow to 80lbs. in the last seven years, preventing his wife and him from engaging in sex, putting a strain on their relationship.

That’s no longer a problem since last August Maurer underwent a 14-hour surgery to remove the growth, where doctors also removed 150lbs worth of fat.

One year after the surgery and Maurer’s daily life has greatly improved. On his GoFundMe page that he’s made to pay off medical bills Maurer says he’s telling his story on TLC since Warren Jr. was “brave enough” to tell his, and in the course changed Maurer’s life. He’s decidedly paying it forward, "If my story helps just one person it will have been worth it after the show airs."

‘The Man with the 80lb Groin’ premiered last night on TLC and will air again at 11 p.m. tonight.

[via Daily Mail]

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