Mama June Undergoes Procedure to Remove 'Turkey Neck' After Dropping 150 Pounds

Mama June may have dropped a whopping 150 pounds, but she says there’s one issue that still won’t go away: a double chin that jiggles.

“My kids joke about my turkey neck or ‘gobble gobble,’” she said.

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INSIDE EDITION was there when the reality TV star went to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian for a new procedure called “cool sculpting,” which kills fat by freezing it.

“Really honestly, I’m feeling the nerves,” Mama June said before the treatment.

Dr. Nazarian marked areas that would be treated before applying a numbing cream to Mama June’s neck.

“It’s going to get a little cold and that’s it,” the doctor said.

She explained: “Fat freezes at a higher temperature than skin or blood vessels or nerves so this technology gets the temperature down just far [enough] so that the fat dies but nothing else is affected.”

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Following the procedure, Mama June was told not to move for an hour. It will take her about eight weeks to see the results, according to Dr. Nazarian said.

But the doctor practices what she preaches. She says she lost fat after using cool sculpting to freeze her abdomen.

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