Makeup artist covers bruises from car accident so high school student can go to homecoming

A makeup artist hid the bruises and cuts this high school student sustained after a car accident. (Photo: Instagram/lynetramos_)
A makeup artist hid the bruises and cuts this high school student sustained after a car accident. (Photo: Instagram/lynetramos_)

When high school student Julissa was in a car accident two days before homecoming, she and her family luckily emerged mostly unscathed. But her spirit was dampened because she thought she’d have to miss the big dance due to the bruising on her face.

However, one Orlando, Fla.-based makeup artist wasn’t going to let that happen. Lynet Ramos came to the 18-year-old’s rescue and then shared the inspiring transformation on Instagram.

Ramos posted a composite image of two photos of Julissa’s face. One with severe bruising under her eyes and a cut on her nose, and the other, stunning with a fully made-up face — not an imperfection in sight. “She and her family were banged up, but grace fell upon them,” the makeup artist captioned the post. “When homecoming didn’t seem much like an option, she didn’t let that stop her, so we made it one. Shine bright beautiful.”

In the second photo, Julissa’s black eyes and wound on her nose have disappeared, her eyebrows are filled in and elegantly shaped, and her lips are a dark ruby red. A smoky eye rounded out the look.

“My heart broke when her mom sent me the images, so sad that she had to go through that,” Ramos tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “She and her family didn’t think it was possible to go to homecoming because they didn’t know if anyone would be able to cover the bruising. So they reached out to me to give it a shot.” Ramos did the wedding makeup for Julissa’s older sister.

“After they contacted me and I made the time available, Julissa and her mom were so excited,” Ramos says. We don’t blame them — Ramos is skilled in extensive color correction, as her Instagram feed shows. “I have practiced tattoo coverups over the years and have dealt with similar cases of bruising, just never to her extent,” Ramos says. “I try to be well-rounded in all aspects of makeup, so I was pretty confident that I could do the job.”

It took almost an hour and a half to erase the traces of the horrific event that took place just days before. “First things first, when it comes to color correction you have to be knowledgeable of complementary colors or colors that can cancel one another out,” Ramos explains about her process. “I used MAC Cosmetics peach lustre highlighter. This is a very orange color that helps correct darker colors on the face. I then used a greenish color from Graftobian cosmetics to balance out the orangey tones,” she says.

Ramos carefully used a beauty blender to “blend and layer the products on top of each other.” Then she used a concealer that matched Julissa’s skin tone to “create the seamless airbrushed look.” The last step was Ben Nye’s banana powder to “seal it all together.”

The end result was masterful — you’d never guess Julissa was suffering from face injuries. “Color correction can be tricky because you’re dealing with multiple colors,” Ramos states. “Just like bruises, you may get different shades of purple or green, etc.” But that doesn’t deter her from projects like this one. “The challenge makes it exciting.”

Julissa’s reaction was Ramos’s favorite part. “Her reaction was as good as it can get,” she says. “Yes, she was astonished, but I think she was more filled with gratitude above anything else. Such a great feeling knowing you can make someone feel good about themselves.”

Sounds like Julissa had a HoCo fairy Godmother.

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