M23 rebels focus next aim on strategic town of Bukavu after vowing to seize all of Congo

The Associated Press

GOMA, Congo - A rebel group seeking to overthrow the Congolese government is now focusing its aim on seizing the strategic eastern town of Bukavu.

If the fighters, believed to be backed by neighbouring Rwanda, succeed in taking the town it would mark the biggest gain in rebel territory in nearly a decade.

On Tuesday, the M23 rebels seized the strategic town of Goma, forcing tens of thousands to flee.

While the rebels have vowed to overthrow President Joseph Kabila's government, they remain some 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometres) from the capital of Kinshasa in a country of dense jungle with few paved roads.

The U.N. says the Rwandan military is commanding and supporting the rebel force, which threatens to further inflame the conflict.