The Luxury Brand That’s More Than Just a Music Distributor

In the highly crowded and competitive music industry, distribution is a critical component of success for artists, labels, and independent musicians. And there are multiple music distribution companies to choose from today, each with its own unique offerings. However, one company standouts from the rest: REWAVE.

Based in Switzerland, REWAVE was founded by Frangiskos Schweizer and Agam Jamwal. It is a comprehensive platform that provides artists with the tools and resources they need to build successful careers in the music scene. REWAVE helps artists and labels upload music on digital streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more. They also assist them with marketing and playlist pitching to editorial playlists. Their approach sets them apart, making them a sought-after luxury distribution company.

REWAVE focuses on delivering the highest quality service with round-the-clock Monday-to-Sunday chat support over Instagram. Frangiskos and Agam are trying to build not only a premium service but a luxury distribution experience where they provide artists with 360-degree coverage. They understand how complex music distribution can be and aim to create a reliable and effective distribution channel that will get the artist’s music to the audience and give them time to concentrate on making more great tracks. REWAVE helps upload your music on 70+ streaming platforms from around the world, and once your song is played, you get paid. The music distribution company plans to extend this to other industries to create more opportunities and unique experiences.

According to Frangiskos, REWAVE will tap into other industries and connect the different aspects of the music industry, from fashion to events and jewelry. “Fashion and the event industry are closely related, and so is music. By leveraging these three, REWAVE will create more opportunities for artists to get music on the various platforms and even their earnings,” he says.

REWAVE does artist marketing, and their presence in these industries will help get the artist’s music placed in TV shows, fashion events, and other media. As they do so, the company’s top goal is to ensure a luxury distribution experience for artists across the globe.

The main reason Frangiskos and Agam started REWAVE was to provide artists, new and established, with a more customer-focused distribution company. Almost every distributor company lacked in some areas, either support, slow service, or not enough features, which made it harder for the artist to get their music to the people. They decided to take on the challenge of creating a music distributor that focuses on quality, excellent service, and support instead of following the industry trend of trying to make music distribution as cheap as possible and therefore sacrificing quality.

REWAVE is now reshaping the music distribution process and the music industry helping artists better navigate the space and market their songs. The company has built a solid presence in Switzerland (its headquarters), Germany, and Asia (India). With their move to other fields like fashion, they aim to reach more people as they build a luxury lifestyle brand that offers premium experiences across multiple areas.

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