This iPhone case uses your phone's electromagnetic radiation to shine and glow

Jason Gilbert

You may not know it, but your iPhone is constantly emitting trace amounts of radiation. Why not put that radiation to good use?

That’s the concept behind the Lunecase, an iPhone case that harnesses your iPhone’s normal radiation and uses it to power a ring of lights that illuminate when you have a new notification. The Lunecase was built by Concepter, a team of young entrepreneurs from the Ukraine, and is currently in prototype phase, with a planned Kickstarter debut for February.

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How does it work? Well, right now, a small ring of LEDs on the case surrounds the Apple logo and lights up whenever you receive a phone call. Because the case uses the radiation from your iPhone, it does not require any battery from the phone itself; rather, it’s using energy that is otherwise lifting off into the ether.

A spokesman from Concepter says that it plans to launch the Lunecase on Kickstarter sometime next month, and that the final version will likely come with more options to control what the lights can do, what color configurations the lights will come in and for what notifications they will illuminate. And, yes, Concepter is toying with the idea of having the Apple logo itself light up, too.

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Concepter said the Lunecase will likely cost around $30, and will be no thicker than a “regular” iPhone case. The team is turning to Kickstarter after its success on the crowdfunding site with a product called the iblazr, an LED camera flash gadget that plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack.

Concepter sought $58,000 for the iblazr, and wound up raising almost $160,000. About 80 percent of preorders have shipped, Concepter said, after a target release date of December 2013.

Look for the Lunecase on Kickstarter in February; and for more, or to be notified of a firm launch date, check out the Lunecase’s homepage at