New 'Lunarcraft' game lets you build your own moon base in the Minecraft world

 Scene from a video game showing a base on the moon, with earth in the background.
Scene from a video game showing a base on the moon, with earth in the background.

Minecraft enthusiasts can now take their construction projects to the moon.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has released a new game called Lunarcraft to play in Minecraft that employs actual satellite data to create realistic moon landscapes.

In 2007, a Japanese moon orbiter nicknamed Kaguya launched from Tanegashima Space Center with the goal of exploring the moon's ancient origin and evolution. Using info obtained from the spacecraft's survey mission, JAXA has reproduced the moon's geological environment in the Minecraft world.

Lunarcraft is set in Theophilus crater, which is located at the base of Mare Nectaris. This larger region includes the landing zone fore SLIM ("Smart Lander Investigating the Moon"), which pulled off Japan's first-ever moon landing last month.

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This new moon-centric diversion can be imported to Minecraft Education or the Bedrock Edition that gamers have already installed at the official download site.

Check out the full game description:

"Lunarcraft is a lunar world planned and produced by the JAXA Space Education Center and appears in the world-famous metaverse game Minecraft. This is a game where you can play and learn about the moon and space in a lunar world that reflects the topography data of the moon obtained by JAXA's lunar orbiting satellite Kaguya. Not only can many children play with the world, but it can also be used as an experiential educational material in educational settings.

"One of the attractions that can only be experienced in this lunar world is playing with specially placed items such as the Rover, the vehicle used in the lunar world. In addition, you can enjoy Minecraft's unique expandability, such as racing on the moon with a rover, searching for rare minerals on the moon, and creating your own space under the moon."

advertisement for the new game Lunarcraft, showing six stills from gameplay along with a text description.
advertisement for the new game Lunarcraft, showing six stills from gameplay along with a text description.


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Here are the seven Lunarcraft missions that await, according to JAXA:

ٛMission 1 targets the basic for lunar base improvements of both laboratory and residential modules using logistics to plan the most efficient functioning lunar habitat for its residents.

ٛMission 2 is all about lunar agriculture and farm improvement in an effort to grow items like wheat and potatoes, as well as crops that can be utilized for biofuels.

Mission 3 is focused on the effective use of lava tubes, which can aid in keeping humans sheltered from cosmic rays and fluctuating temperatures of the moon.

Mission 4 lets players establish a resource mining base and machines to help locate and extract minerals and metals necessary for growth and operation of an outpost.

Mission 5 is for launch site development and concerns constructing and maintaining rocket launch facilities for spacecraft arrivals and departures, including roads and fueling depots.

Mission 6 is lunar heritage preservation and utilization and deals with keeping historically significant human objects and lunar relics safe for posterity and housed in a display museum.

Mission 7 concentrates on building new and diverse housing options for an assortment of lunar dwellings and living spaces as the moon’s population grows.