Lululemon Brings Back Luon Pants, Promises 'Great Ass Coverage'

Danielle Kurtzleben

Lululemon is reintroducing its black Luon pants, with a new feature: "more fabric across the bum."

That's the word from a Tuesday morning blog post from the high-end athletic-wear company. Lululemon pulled its popular Luon pants from shelves in March after discovering that the pants became sheer when customers bent over, making the yoga pants particularly unsuitable for the bending-over-intensive practice of yoga. Now, nearly three months later, Lululemon is putting the pants back on the market with the assurance that customers will be able to wear the bottoms without embarrassment.

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While the shoddy product was an embarrassment, Lululemon appears to have a sense of humor about the return of the pants. The company assured customers that the pants "go through about 15 tests to make sure you get great ass coverage (that's the scientific term)." Lululemon also claims to have enlisted the help of students who helped them develop a "sheer-o-metre" to ensure that the pants don't threaten wearers' dignity.

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Still, the company also put some responsibility on customers in its blog post, advising buyers that buying opaque pants is also a function of buying the right size: "[I]f you stretch a knit fabric far enough, it will go sheer. That's why the right fit is key."

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Whether or not customers are lured back by the new, more-discreet bottoms, investors are already pleased. Shares of Lululemon stock spiked by around three percent Tuesday morning to $82 after the blog post was published. The stock is now trading near all-time highs, around 15 percent above where it was before the story broke about the sheer pants.

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