Luke Taylor: HVAC repairs at Centennial and Edison?

Sep. 3—What happened with the air conditioning at Centennial High School and Edison Middle School?

Centennial's two chiller units were back in operation, and a motherboard at Edison was in the process of repairs on Wednesday, following a heat wave that kept students home from school Aug. 25.

Neither unit "broke down" necessarily; Unit 4 chief communications officer Stacey Moore just said they "failed to work at optimal levels."

Several Unit 4 schools had work done over the summer, including HVAC updates or repairs.

Centennial and Edison — both renovated as part of the Champaign school district's voter-approved referendum — did not have HVAC work done, though some roofing projects went on at Edison.

"All mechanical equipment is subject to failure at any time, new or old," Moore said.

Moore said the schools will continue to monitor HVAC systems to catch issues early.

"Our focus will always be on the safety and well being of our students and staff."