Luke Skywalker Is Tempted to Gangnam Style [VIDEO]

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

What if Korean pop phenom Psy and his ubiquitous Gangnam Style reached a galaxy far, far away?

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In this giggle-worthy clip, Luke Skywalker runs into something much scarier than Bobba Fett and imperial officers escorting a frozen Han Solo.

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Before this video, YouTube user KhalidSNShahim made another clever Star Wars-Psy parody, featuring an annoyed Han Solo.

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Some people love Batman. Other people really, really love Batman. This giant Bat Cave made entirely out of LEGO was created by Wayne Hussey and Carlyle Livingston. The creators each spent 400 hours over three months building this 100-pound masterpiece, and estimate that they used a good deal more than 20,000 pieces. While this Bat Cave is entirely epic, we're pretty sure these guys have a good deal of extra time on their hands.

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