Lukashenko announces mobilisation for gathering harvest


Aleksandr Lukashenko, the self-proclaimed President of the Republic of Belarus, has claimed that his country needs to "mobilise everyone" and send as many people as possible to gather in the harvest.

Source: Lukashenko, cited by Belta [Belarusian state-run news agency]

Quote: "A huge market has opened for agriculture and enterprises. We can sell everything to Russia and China. Moreover, these countries are ready to buy twice the quantity of  Belarusian products…The market has opened, and the prices are decent.

So all this chatter about some sanctions, some mobilisation, the war or whatever is nonsense.

Everyone, mobilise!...If a person works for 5-6 hours, a child will get physically active, and [its] parents will be glad.

So, mobilise students, employees, public servants, other people to help us collect all this, because we can earn decent money. If not now, then in the spring".

Background: On 21 September, in an address to the Russian people, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, announced a "partial" mobilisation. Later, it was revealed that there is a secret clause in the decree on mobilisation which allows the Ministry of Defence of Russia to draft over a million people to war, mostly from villages.

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