Lukashenko accused Ukraine of shelling Belarus and ordered to "put opponents capitals at gunpoint

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Oleksandr Lukashenko, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, accused Ukraine of launching missiles on the territory of Belarus and ordered his military to "put" the capitals’ decision-making centres of Minsk's opponents "at gunpoint".

Source: Lukashenko on 2 July at a meeting on the occasion of Independence Day, reports the Belarusian state agency BelTA

Quote from Lukashenko: "We are being provoked. I have to tell you: three days ago, maybe a little more, they tried to attack military facilities on the territory of Belarus from the territory of Ukraine. But, thank God, the Pantsir anti-aircraft systems managed to intercept all the missiles launched by the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

Details: Lukashenko also said that he ordered the military to put the decision-making centres in the capitals of Minsk's opponents at gunpoint.

"I want to warn the "hawks" and tell you sincerely: a little less than a month ago, I gave the order to the units of the armed forces [of Belarus] to put, as it is now trendy to say, decision-making centres in your capitals at gunpoint with all the consequences that follow," he said.

Lukashenko warned that if only the opponents of Minsk dare to "strike, as they plan, on Gomel, in the south, on the Mozyr refinery, on the airfield in Luninets or Brest, the response will be instantaneous, just in one second."

"We’ve got the means to answer. And not only the ones we have talked about recently with the President of Russia (about nuclear weapons - BELTA). I have been preparing for this for a long time. Remember, I talked about missile production, Polonez [multiple rocket launcher] - you are completely under the attack of these missiles. I don’t care whether you’re sitting in the offices or palaces. We will respond harshly and decisively," Lukashenko threatens.

More details: At the same time, the self-proclaimed president assures that Belarus has no desire to fight in Ukraine, and the republic "absolutely does not need" this war.

"I assure you under oath: not a single soldier of Belarus is fighting on the territory of Ukraine," he said.

"I want to say to those who are worried whether Lukashenko will fight there or not: listen, we will fight - I repeat again - only in one case - if you cross the last metre of our land and invade our land. If you kill our people, we will respond", Lukashenko said.

At the same time, the self-proclaimed president believes that the Ukrainian authorities would be glad if Belarus invaded Ukraine.

"They would be happy, I know that for sure, if we entered there. They need it, because they were ordered from ‘there’, and they don’t care about the deaths of civilians. Ukrainian politicians and the president have one policy: the more Ukrainians die, the more he will shout to the whole world about the atrocities of ‘fascists from Russia and Belarus’," Lukashenko said.

Reference: Russia, then Belarus, does not recognize the atrocities of the Russian military in Ukraine, despite numerous evidence. The Russian Federation and Belarus call the killings of civilians by the Russian military in Bucha "provocation".