In Luhansk region, occupiers sentence OSCE employee to 13 years in prison

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So-called "Supreme Court" of the "LPR" [self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic - ed.] "sentenced" OSCE employee Dmytro Shabanov to 13 years of imprisonment "for treason".

Source: [Russian news agency] RBC

Details: Shabanov was a security assistant at the OSCE mission's forward patrol base in Kadiivka [in Luhansk Oblast].

He was detained in the occupied part of Luhansk Oblast in mid-April. Later, he was accused of "transferring classified information to representatives of foreign secret services."

LPR militants say that Shabanov was allegedly recruited by "a resident of the CIA in Ukraine, who worked for the State Security of Ukraine (SSU)."

The occupiers also claimed that Shabanov "underwent special training in the U.S." and then allegedly collected information about the movement of militants.

Background: On 1 July, it became known that the OSCE would close the Office of the Project Coordinator in Ukraine due to the veto of the Russian Federation, which did not agree to the extension of its mandate.

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