Lt. Gov. Burt Jones flies into local airport

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May 17—For the first time since winning election as Georgia's lieutenant governor, Burt Jones (R-Jackson) recently returned for a brief visit to Milledgeville.

Before serving as the second highest political leader in Georgia, Jones was a state senator for 10 years, representing the 25th District, which included Milledgeville and Baldwin County.

Jones' visit back to Milledgeville was just that — brief.

He had flown by helicopter provided him by the Georgia State Patrol Aviation Division from Atlanta to Hinesville, where he visited with officials and toured the Cohen Clinic.

The purpose of Jones' visit to Hinesville was to meet staff members and learn more about the work being done there and how the partnership between the Cohen Clinic and the state can continue in the future.

Jones helped lead the efforts for continued state funding to the Cohen Clinic.

He was joined by Dr. Anthony Hassan, who serves as president and chief executive officer of the Cohen Veterans Network. Sen. Derek Mallow (D-Savannah), as well as Georgia Department of Veterans Services Commissioner Patricia Ross also attended the tour and roundtable discussion.

"It was an honor to tour the Cohen Clinic in Hinesville with Sen. Mallow, and Georgia Department of Veterans Services Commissioner Ross. I want to thank Dr. Hassan and all of the staff for the informative tour and roundtable discussion. Supporting our veterans and resources for mental health services remains a top priority," said Jones in a statement issued after the visit.

Jones pointed out that during this year's legislative session, he was honored to lead the efforts to support the Cohen Clinic with additional state funding. He said he looked forward to continuing such work on behalf of veterans.

"This feels like coming back home," Jones said, as he stepped off a Georgia State Patrol Aviation helicopter at Baldwin County Regional Airport.

He was accompanied by Loree Anne Paradise, who serves as his chief of staff.

Jones was greeted by Bruce Hood, general manager of Baldwin County Regional Airport.

"It's great to see you, again," Hood told Jones, noting he appreciated what he did to support the local airport when he served in the state Senate.

Hood later refueled the helicopter, which was the reason for Jones' brief visit and stopover at the local airport.

The Georgia State Patrol helicopter arrived about 7:30 p.m. The aviation pilot was Nick Simpson, and another state trooper, who along with others, provide security for the lieutenant governor.