Low early Windows 8 adoption numbers sound alarm bells for Microsoft

Brad Reed
BGR News

Microsoft (MSFT) had better hope that early adoption numbers aren’t a reflection of consumer interest in Windows 8, because if they are then the company could be headed for a Vista-style disaster. ComputerWorld reports on new numbers from research and analytics firm Net Applications showing that just 0.33% of all Windows-based computers ran on Windows 8 in September. For comparison’s sake, ComputerWorld notes that 1.64% of Windows-based computers were running on Windows 7 the month before it was released in 2009, meaning that the early adoption rate of Windows 7 was roughly five times that of Windows 8. Needless to say, if these numbers are reflection of how people feel about Windows 8, then it adds a lot more weight to some of the harsh criticisms hardware and software vendors have been lobbing at Microsoft in recent months.


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