Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Nurse Returning From Wuhan Receives Marriage Proposal From Boyfriend

A nurse returning to her home city of Baicheng, in China’s Jilin province, after working to fight the spread of COVID-19 in Wuhan received a touching surprise on Saturday, April 11 – a proposal from her longterm boyfriend.

Hai Yuncong, the youngest member of one of the first batch of medical workers sent to Wuhan from Jilin, was surprised by her boyfriend Zhou Yu, an officer with the Baicheng Public Security Bureau, as she stepped off of the bus on Saturday.

“For 70 days, you were saving lives on the front line,” Bai said in his proposal speech. “I’ve been guarding our hometown and wearing similar protective gear and our hearts have been tied together. Today, you triumphantly return, and by the witness of all of the people of this city, I propose to you, the heroine of my heart.”

The proposal was met with an emotional and enthusiastic agreement, according to a press release issued by the Jilin Police, which added that the pair had been dating for a decade.

Following the relaxation of quarantine restrictions in Wuhan, an estimated 42,000 workers who entered into the former COVID-19 epicenter in January have been returning home, with the earliest groups departing during the third week of March. Credit: Jilin Police via Storyful

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