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Often, the best gifts are the ones we make ourselves. Whether you’re an artist or someone who strives to be, a gift made by your own two hands and given to someone you care about, is a particularly meaningful present. 

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If you’re trying to come up with something unique to give the one you love this Valentine’s Day, how about a little rustic art made with a modern twist? 

You + Me = We is the sentiment here, and what better way to convey that, than with a forked branch that joins into a united stem? Though the materials are rustic and natural, the glossy finish of the stand and the metallic copper tag, give this Valentine craft a feel and look akin to that of gallery art

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When you’re out on your next stroll, pick up a branch and carry it home - when purchase some copper sheets and paint at the craft store, you’ll be glad you did. If the lion’s share of your materials are found in nature, you’ll be able to give a gift that says “I love you,” without spending too much on supplies. 


  • Forked branch

  • White Sharpee paint pen

  • 3” Screw

  • Washer

  • Copper tag

  • Box

  • Spray paint (Glossy Black)


  • Electric drill 

  • Utility knife

  • Wood hand saw


1. Spray paint the base box glossy black, and let dry. Any wooden box or bowl will do.


2. Cut the branch flat on the bottom with your saw.

3. Scrape bark away on each branch, and on stem base, to clear an area to write the words.


4. Using the paint marker, write the words  “me” and “you” on each branch and “we” on the stem.


5. Write the date on the copper tag and make a hook with the wire.


6. Drive in the screw from the under side of the box, straight into the stem base to create your stand

7. Hang the copper tag on the edge of a branch.


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