'Love Is Blind' star SK says Raven was communicating with an 'older successful' ex while they were together: He was 'still blowing up her phone'

SK Alagbada and Raven Ross at the "Love Is Blind" reunion.
SK Alagbada and Raven Ross at the "Love Is Blind" reunion.Sara Mally/Netflix
  • "Love Is Blind" star SK admitted to having an "inappropriate conversation" with a woman while committed to Raven.

  • He said she was talking to an "older successful" ex while they were filming the show and afterward.

  • Raven told People that it was "completely untrue" that she talked to an older man while in a relationship.

"Love Is Blind" star Sikiru "SK" Alagbada spoke with People for his first interview since his breakup with Raven Ross. In the interview, SK claimed that Raven was in communication with her "older successful" ex while filming "Love Is Blind" season three and during their relationship.

SK and Raven initially broke up on their wedding day on "Love Is Blind," but rekindled their romance in the spring of 2022, according to People. In November 2022, less than two weeks after "After the Altar," the "Love Is Blind" season three reunion, aired, videos emerged on TikTok in which women claimed to have dated SK in the spring of 2022 when he was in a relationship with Raven.

In People, SK denied cheating on Raven while they were in a "completely committed relationship."

Raven and SK on "Love Is Blind."
Raven and SK on "Love Is Blind."Netflix

However, he admitted that he went on a trip to Cabo with one of the women who posted a now-deleted TikTok video before he and Raven were exclusive again. He also stayed in touch with the woman.

"There was an incident of me having an inappropriate conversation with this woman sometime in the fall. I believe it was around September of [2022], which is completely inappropriate. Didn't end up happening, but... I feel like I shouldn't even have had that kind of conversation with someone," SK told reporter Joelle Goldstein.

SK said he didn't want to "go back and forth" trading accusations against Raven in the press. But he did say that while they were filming "Love Is Blind" and exclusively dating, Raven was talking to the "older successful" ex she had mentioned on the show.

"Throughout the course of our relationship [the second time around], Raven and I took at least five different trips, where either I came to Texas or she came to California, and on at least two different occasions of those trips, I personally witnessed incidents of communication between her and this older guy — whether him still blowing up her phone, trying to call or FaceTime her, or even a text message that talked about the possibility of them having kids together," SK said. "He said that. And that communication went on until late summer after a time when Raven and I were seriously committed to be exclusive in a relationship."

When reached by People for comment, Raven said that it was "completely untrue" that she was  "in touch with an older man while in a relationship" with SK.

SK and Raven at the "Love Is Blind" reunion.
SK and Raven at the "Love Is Blind" reunion.Sara Mally/Netflix

"It's just important for me to let people know that this was not a case of a happy, problem-free relationship that I just messed up for no reason," SK continued in People. "Our relationship had serious, real-life challenges, coupled with the pressures of doing this in the most public way possible and trying to do something on our own terms, that made things very difficult."

He was also "very surprised" that Raven spoke about the cheating allegations in a video confessional in "After the Altar." SK said that when Netflix reached out to both of them to tell their sides of the story, "Raven and I had initially decided to not make an already-messy situation even messier, and just keep our personal private business away from being dramatized."

"That was the agreement we both had... we're just not going to record it. Worst case, they're just going to put some text on the screen, like 'The proposal, the engagement didn't work out,'" he continued.

Raven has not immediately responded to Insider's request for comment.

"Love Is Blind" season four premieres on Netflix on March 24.

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