Love is Blind star Salvador Perez reveals truth about ‘ex-girlfriend’ from season two

Love is Blind star Salvador Perez has claimed that the mystery woman who showed up to his family home during filming made threats against him.

Late in the second season of the Netflix dating show, an episode showed cast member Salvador and his fiancée Mallory discussing an emotional incident.

It was revealed that a woman whom Salvador says he dated before the show had allegedly turned up at his home, upset about his new relationship.

Fans of the show had previously discussed this moment on social media, with some questioning how deeply involved he was with this woman while being engaged to Mallory.

In an Instagram Live video posted late on Monday (28 February), Perez offered his version of events.

He claimed that he and the woman, named only as “Dahlie”, were dating casually before the show and were never in a committed relationship.

"We would hang out until I'd hear back from the Love is Blind team," Perez said of their arrangement.

Salvador Perez proposed to Mallory Zapata on season two of Love is Blind (Netflix)
Salvador Perez proposed to Mallory Zapata on season two of Love is Blind (Netflix)

However, he claims that things started to change between them when his involvement in Love is Blind became more certain, and he was told he would begin filming in April 2021. “She’s not happy about it,” he said.

"I should have seen the red flag that she was hoping for more from the beginning. She said she was comfortable with us seeing other people, plus me doing the show, but [she] would get upset and tense whenever I would share updates about it."

Later in the video, Salvador introduced his sibling Victoria, who told viewers about the alleged incident of Dahlie visiting their home.

"The first thing that came out of her mouth to both me and my sister Daisy... is that her family is really upset that this is happening, and that her brother is going to shoot Sal,” she said.

Salvador then clarified Victoria’s statement by saying: "She said that her brother had a gun, and he wasn't afraid to use it."

The siblings alleged that the woman had also been in touch with other cast members, before later apologising for her behaviour.

The Independent has contacted Netflix for comment.

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