‘Love Is Blind’ Recap: Is Chelsea ‘Clingy,’ or Is Jimmy Being a Jerk?

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Netflix/Getty
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Netflix/Getty
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(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 6, Episodes 7-9.)

From the moment Jimmy told Netflix’s Love Is Blind producers that his partner, Chelsea, had “lied” about people comparing her looks to Megan Fox, it was clear these two were in for some trouble.

“She definitely lied to me about some, uh, how she looked,” Jimmy said during a confessional in last week’s stressful batch of episodes. “... At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. I am very attracted to her. I can work with that.”

I’ve got some opinions about why the internet is being so mean to Chelsea for deigning to compare herself to Fox, even with qualifiers like, “I don’t see it.” But when Jimmy himself made that comment, it felt like a red flag. After all, if it “doesn’t really matter,” why essentially make fun of her with the producers? Jimmy didn’t help things when he told Chelsea during the reveal that he’d actually thought about going home that morning before meeting her. Now, there’s a way to make a girl feel insecure in your connection!

This week, things have gone from questionable to genuinely terrible between pretty much all of our couples. Johnny and Amy are still having fun and going strong (even if they really need to figure out their birth control situation) but the rest of these couples are almost certainly breaking up before the season reunion, if they even make it past the altar.

We’ll start with Jimmy and Chelsea, whose connection feels doomed to disaster. Viewers keep harping on Chelsea, but truthfully, she and Jimmy just don’t seem right for each other. Worse than that, Jimmy really does need to work on his communication, at least within the confines of this emotional experiment. When you kick off your engagement by telling your fiancée that you thought about hitting the road and leaving them behind, some insecurity will naturally follow. Rather than soothe Chelsea, however, Jimmy’s out here calling other contestants “stacked,” greeting Chelsea’s friends by saying, “My boss told me I’m irreplaceable today,” and claiming that he can’t show her more affection because he bit his lip and it hurts really, weally bad.

Meanwhile, Chelsea admits that her insecurities can get the better of her, and that’s probably something to work on. At the same time, given the circumstances of this particular experiment—especially the fact that Jimmy apparently peeped a photo of his pod ex, Jess, and then “friended” her before taking it back and setting his profile to private—I feel like her behavior is not hard to understand. If Jimmy was willing to laugh about her Megan Fox comment with producers, I struggle to believe he kept that amusement entirely to himself throughout the many, many hours he and Chelsea spent together that we did not see.

Amy, Chelsea, Laura, and Jimmy on Love Is Blind.

(L-R) Amy, Chelsea, Laura, and Jimmy.


By far the worst moment for these two came during Episode 8, when Jimmy said Chelsea was being “clingy” during an argument. (Word to the wise, gentlemen: If you’re more than 12 years old, you should never, ever use that word if you value your relationship even a little bit.) Chelsea claimed that Jimmy hadn’t kissed her once that day, and he countered by saying he’d given her a kiss on the cheek while they were getting ready. (Swoon.) She’s clearly worried he’s still into Jess, and he’s doing the bare minimum to convince her that’s not the case. Yes, he’s said that he is not still thinking about a future with Jess, but he also isn’t doing much to let Chelsea know how into her he actually is. Unfortunately, given what Jimmy told Jess last week about believing his feelings “speak for themselves,” our guy Jimmy might just not be the best at expressing his emotions—which is not good when you’re with someone who really craves that verbal validation. They made up by the end of this week’s batch of episodes, and his friends rightfully called him out for the “clingy” comment, but I’m hearing funereal bells for this romance already.

Our runner-up for messiest couple of the season goes to Jeramey and Laura—which is ironic, because, as promised, his apartment is spotless.

Johnny and Amy on Love Is Blind.

(L-R) Johnny and Amy.


Yes, we got a close-up of the robotic vacuum that Jeramey keeps running constantly, and we even got to peek into his fridge, where everything sits on the edge of the shelf with the label out for easy access. And yet, Jeramey himself is sloppy as hell. Why the hell did he think it was okay to go and meet up with Sarah Ann—and stay out past five in the damn morning—the night before he was supposed to meet Laura’s family? Then again, Laura hasn’t exactly made things easy for him, either; she spent most of their visit with her own family passive-aggressively insulting his Hawaiian shirts, and just before everyone arrived, she made a pretty nasty comment about Jeramey’s lack of a college degree. Even her family seemed to want her to tone her harshness down, which says a lot.

On the opposite side of the relationship spectrum are Brittany and Kenneth, who share zero mess and zero harsh words—because in reality, they don’t seem to be sharing much of anything. They shared a very fun time on a boat looking at some dolphins, and they had another conversation about what it means to be in an interracial relationship. But apart from that, these two appeared to have little to say to one another. From the moment the couple got back from the Dominican Republic, Kenneth seemed to dive head-first into his phone screen. There she was, unpacking their apartment, and there he was... staring at his phone. When asked him where “the crave” was in their relationship (an awkward way to avoid saying “horniness” or “sexual desire”), he turned the conversation around on her and said he did have “the crave” for her but wondered if she had the same “crave” for him. The conversation ended with them breaking up, her crying, and him calling a friend to say he was coming over. Charming! I’ll be very curious to hear more from these two at the reunion.

Clay and AD and Love is Blind.

(L-R) Clay and AD.


And finally in our Rotation of Relationship Ruin, we have Clay and Amber “AD” Desiree. As much as they both clearly want this to work, Clay is not making things easy. Much of his time on screen is spent either discussing his father cheating on his mother (and the “infidelity trips” he made Clay a part of as a child) or explaining away his own less-than-desirable habits, like avoiding coming home some nights because of work. He says he has a long commute, but that’s about as convincing as claiming to “have an early workday” right after a one-night stand. Clay’s mother seems to really like AD, and she tries to talk some sense into her son, but I’m not optimistic. I mean, this is already the guy who promised to force AD back into the gym if she ever got out of shape, even due to pregnancy, and thanks to a viral social media post, I’m now also aware that Clay apparently microwaves Gatorade. (!??!?!?!?!!?) AD, save yourself!

As I said last week, Johnny and Amy seem to be the only relationship with a real, encouraging shot at long-lasting love. They always seem to be having a blast together, and his family really loved her this week. That said, there are some things they need to work out: She’s not on birth control, and he’s terrified of an accidental pregnancy even while using condoms, so they have not yet had sex, although they plan to before they hit the altar. Eventually, they’re going to need to sort that out! He also seems a little hesitant about her commitment to budgeting for an early retirement, which again, is something they’ll want to nail down before the “I do”s. Still, compared to where everyone else stands right now, they’re looking more solid than ever.

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