'Lovable' Krystle Campbell Remembered After Horrible Second Victim Confusion

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'Lovable' Krystle Campbell Remembered After Horrible Second Victim Confusion

Krystle Campbell went to the Boston Marathon every year. She went on Monday. She was 29. On Tuesday the Arlington resident became the second of three dead identified in the bombing attack, after a harrowing case of mistaken identity led her family to believe that she was still alive. 

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Liz Goodwin of Yahoo News reported that Campbell's friend, Karen Rand, was in possession of Campbell's ID. So when Campbell's family went to a hospital room at Mass General for what they thought was their daughter's recovery from surgery, they found Rand instead. Campbell was then declared missing—and later dead. 

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As with a number of these initial reports there are elements that are conflicting. While Yahoo explains that Campbell's boyfriend was running the race, the New York Daily News reported it was Rand's boyfriend. 

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Commemorations of Campbell are emerging on social media. Hordon Health, a gym in Boston, posted a remembrance of the woman described by her father as "the most lovable girl":

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The Summer Shack, where Campbell worked, according to Boston.com, tweeted words of condolence: 

The Summer Shack family is devastated by the loss of our beloved Krystle Campbell. Please keep her & her family in your thoughts & prayers

— Summer Shack (@SummerShack) April 16, 2013

Per Boston.com Campbell was until recently the manager of the Summer Shack, but left for a job at Jimmy's Steer House on Mass. Ave. in Arlington. She was living with her grandmother to "help her through an illness for the past couple of years." 

Campbell's death was first reported by InsideMedford.com. She was a graduate of Medford High School.