Louis Vuitton installs Yayoi Kusama robots at stores

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STORY: Robots of Yayoi Kusama appear in windows of Louis Vuitton stores

in Paris, London, New York and Tokyo

The French luxury brand is collaborating with the Japanese artist

to launch a collection of dots-painted accessories and products

(Holly Phelen, Tourist)

“I think it's great marketing and I think it, I think it just changes the brand for a louis (Vuitton). You know, it brings it to a different level."

93-year-old Kusama is best known for her obsessive, dot-covered art and pumpkin motifs

(Yayoi Kusama, Artist)

”I believe the moon is a polka dot, the sun is a polka dot, and the universe is polka dots. With this idea, I have been seeking my existence. Since my childhood, polka dots and infinity net have been themes of my art."