Lottery winner donates $2 million to fix Maine high school roof

Claudine Zap
Gloria C. Mackenzie, left, with her son Scott Mackenzie.  (AP Photo/Steve Cannon)
Gloria MacKenzie is spending $2 million of her lottery winnings to repair the roof on Schenck High School in East Millinocket, Maine. (Steve Cannon/AP)

Gloria MacKenzie is sharing her wealth.

The Maine retiree, who recently won $590.5 million, the largest undivided take in lotto history, will donate $2 million to fix the roof of a high school in her hometown, the Daily Mail reports.

The loaded 84-year-old, who now lives in Florida, is paying for roof repairs at Schenck High School in East Millinocket, Maine, where her daughter is a biology teacher, according to the Daily Mail. Her daughter is not her only connection to the school. Her son, Scott, served on the school board in East Millinocket.

MacKenzie bought her winning $2 ticket on May 18 at a Publix grocery store in Zephyrhills, Fla., where she rented an apartment at the time.

Since winning the enormous lottery pot, MacKenzie has kept a low profile. She reportedly was seen shopping with her 57-year-old son at Walmart and then eating at a modest restaurant nearby.

But perhaps the octogenarian is beginning to enjoy her new wealth. The Tampa Bay Times reports that MacKenzie, who opted for a lump sum payout that totaled $278 million after taxes, recently purchased a 6,300-square-foot, five-bedroom home in a gated golf course community. The price: $1,175,000.