‘That’s a lot of money;’ Local mother excited to hear about tax-exemption for baby, child products

If you went to the store and refilled your supply of baby products today, you may have noticed there was no sales tax on some of your items.

>>REALTED: Sales tax exemption available for baby, child products starting Sunday

Earlier this year, the state legislature passed a new budget bill that included sales tax exemptions for several child and baby products.

This exemption went into effect Sunday, Oct. 1.

News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson spoke with a local mother who said she was happy to hear about this.

Christina Duda pulled up to the Dorothy Lane Market parking lot with a big van that she uses to transport her six kids.

When asked how old her kids are, Duda said “I’ve got 9, down to one month.”

She was happy to hear one of the items exempt from sales tax is diapers, according to the Ohio Department of Taxation.

“I’ve had kids in diapers for 9 years, so I mean, you do the math… hasn’t been a time where I haven’t had somebody in diapers,” Duda said.

Cribs, child restraints, and booster seats are exempt only if they meet federal safety standards.

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Strollers also have to meet federal safety standards to qualify for the exemption.

But Duda said she has been able to reuse strollers she bought in the past.

“When I was a new mom, I mean, I bought several strollers or you know, people would give them to us… that would have saved a lot of money,” Duda said.

The last baby product exempt from taxation is therapeutic and preventative creams and wipes.

The Ohio Department of Taxation says the items must be marked primarily for children’s use.

Standard grooming products like shampoo, cleaning solutions, soaps and more will not apply.

“Like diaper rash cream is really expensive, and if you have a kid who has diaper rashes, I mean that’s a lot of money,” Duda said.

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There is no limit on the amount or value of products that can be purchased with exemption, and it applies to any baby products you buy while living in Ohio, regardless of where the store is located.

If you believe you were wrongly charged sales tax on an exempt product, apply for a sales tax refund by completing an ST AR form found here.