‘I lost the election’: Trump mocked with fake 2024 campaign website

Josh Marcus
Spoof Trump 2024 website (The Good Liars / Twitter)
Spoof Trump 2024 website (The Good Liars / Twitter)

Donald Trump might never fully concede the election, but a group of comedians have taken it upon themselves to do it for him.

Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, a comedy duo which goes by the name The Good Liars, got the domain donaldjtrump2024.com, and said they’d only give it up if the president admitted his loss. The president has reportedly considered running again in 2024.

The site is a loose recreation of the president’s actual campaign website, but with tabs that say things like “what a loser" and “such a loser,” appropriating one of the president’s favorite insults.

If it all seems slightly bizarre — a fake site for a future campaign that the current president is considering but can’t mention because it would mean overcoming his refusal to concede the current election — it’s no more dissonant than the current state of affairs.

Earlier this week, the president seemed to finally be giving in, recommending that a federal agency formally begin the legal and logistical transition process to the Biden administration.

On Thanksgiving, he said he’d “certainly” leave the White House once the Electoral College formalises president-elect Biden’s victory, only to double back the next day on one of his many conspiracies about election fraud, none of which have been proven.

While presidents can serve non-consecutive terms – as Grover Cleveland did in the 19th century – they have been restricted since 1947 to a total of two terms. If Mr Trump continues to insist he won the 2020 election and will serve a second term from 20 January, that would rule him out of a 2024 run.

The duo regularly trolls Mr Trump and his associates in made-for-social-media moments, such as heckling the president at speeches and putting spoof covers on his son’s books in stores.

The last four years have inspired a host of gonzo pranks against the Trump administration. In October, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen released the secord Borat film, which shows Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani seemingly making advances on a young woman playing Mr Cohen’s teen daughter in a hotel room during a staged TV news interview, though Mr Giuliani says the scene is a “fabrication” and insisted he was doing nothing untoward.

And comedian Tom Arnold had a full-blown documentary series on the Viceland TV network dedicated to searching for damning tapes of the president, including the rumored “pee tape.”