Loss of water pressure reported across New Orleans

Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Widespread loss of water pressure was reported Sunday morning in New Orleans, and the city advised residents in most of the city to boil their water.

Sewerage & Water Board officials were still working to determine the cause of the loss of water pressure at the S&WB plant on the east bank, a statement from the city said.

The statement said the boil water advisory is in effect for all of the East Bank of Orleans Parish until further notice from the city.

Most of New Orleans, including the French Quarter and Central Business District, is on the east bank of the Mississippi River. The east bank water treatment plant provides about 135 million gallons of drinking water a day, compared with 11 million for the west bank treatment plant.

A mechanical problem at the east bank plant caused a similar problem in October. City officials were criticized then because they did not put out a notice that tap water might be contaminated until four hours after the plant shut down. That boil water advisory lasted about 25 hours.

On Sunday morning, reports of little to no water pressure starting appearing on Twitter shortly after 9 a.m. Central time.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu then tweeted: "Widespread loss of water pressure reported. We are looking into it the matter." He later tweeted a link to the boil advisory.