Los Angeles named the most gridlocked city in the world

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe said around 40 countries had so far agreed to a draft UN regulation for Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS) in cars.

Los Angeles has topped the INRIX Global Congestion Ranking to be named the most gridlocked city in the world.

Carried out by INRIX, Inc., experts in transportation analytics and connected car services, the research looked at traffic congestion in 1,064 cities across 38 countries worldwide, making it the largest study ever of its kind.

Los Angeles took the number one spot after the results revealed that in 2016 drivers in the city spent 104 hours in congestion during peak time periods, followed by Moscow (91 hours), New York (89 hours), San Francisco (83 hours) and Bogota (80 hours).

Sao Paulo came in sixth, followed by London, Atlanta, Paris and Miami.

The US was also named the most congested developed country in the world, with the country accounting for 11 of the top 25 cities worldwide with the worst traffic congestion and with drivers on average spending 42 hours a year in traffic during peak times.

Following Los Angeles, New York came in second on the list of 10 Most Congested Urban Areas in the US, with San Francisco in third place, Atlanta in forth and Miami in fifth.

Washington, Dallas, Boston, Chicago and lastly Seattle rounded out the top 10.

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